Friday, July 3, 2015

around the web 3.7.2015

it's been a few weeks since I've done one of these because I was so busy that I was barely looking at the internet! so the first way I tried to catch up was by looking through pages of new things on ModCloth... (:

all the cute things!

this article brought me back to a Sunday night a couple weeks ago. whoops.

I'm looking into some more tattoo designs... (: this bee isn't for me, but it is pretty cute!

I laughed too hard looking at these comics about America (;

ModCloth picks of the Week

ah! I love this pretty blue dress, this beautiful black dress, and another blue dress! if I needed a corkscrew, this would be the one I would buy. to this shirt I say yes. a pretty grey skirt. these feather drawer pulls are fun! this amp bento box would be perfect for any of my adult children! a mermaid salt and pepper shaker set!! I don't wear a lot of jewelry (just a pair of earrings and a ring), but I kind of want to buy myself this necklace. these drinking glasses are super pretty. if I had $200 to blow, it would be on this super pretty dress! yet another perfect dress. this feather tee is totally something I would wear. I am in love with this peacock feather scarf!


Thursday, July 2, 2015

26/52 2015

it was another crazy week as this summer continues to fly right by...

Thursday 25 June // day one hundred eighty-six :: yesterday's remains.

Friday 26 June // day one hundred eighty-seven :: !

Saturday 27 June // day one hundred eighty-eight :: breakfast for lunch. {scrambled eggs, toast, and chai latte}

Sunday 28 June // day one hundred eighty-nine :: outfit. lived in Converse are so comfortable.

Monday 29 June // day one hundred ninety :: I watched The Queen of Versailles this evening. I cannot even imagine living like that.

Tuesday 30 June // day one hundred ninety-one :: Tuesdays and Thursdays are the hardest days for pictures, because I work ten/eleven hours with not quite two and a half hours between leaving the first job and punching into the second. this apple with yogurt and granola snack is a continuous part of my life.

Wednesday 1 July // day one hundred ninety-two :: I have some pretty awesome friends, and last night was a great reminder of that.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

the month by iPhone :: June 2015

I don't understand how June is over already, meaning that the year is half over! June is always a very crazy busy month, but it's also wonderful. some of my sweet friends come to visit for a week of music and fun, which always happens to be the same week that we are getting ready for camp at the Y. everything went really well with the musicians, and camp is going great as well. I even got to spend some extra time with one of the guys before he headed home.

I feel like I am just babbling, so here are some pictures.

c'est juin.

wedding season.

peeking into a vintage candy machine.

camp room prep.

temporary lobby accessory. at least I only tripped over it once.

trying to escape.

semi-twinning with my semi-twin DanO. we are incapable of taking a nice picture together.

some more camp room peeks!

{The Day the Crayons Quit // Mix It Up! // Press Here // Stuck // The Dot}

broken limbs on the poor tiger.

Geri X at the Red Room! (:

....and then four days later more Geri X in Green Bay with some friends!

Jameson from some sweet friends who know me best now (shocking them all) and a flower from the night before. <3 some say I'm twitterpating.

tourist season means that I waited about twenty minutes for a scoop of ice cream from Wilson's.

I'm not quite sure what this brown rectangular prism is... (:

taking one of my new favorite people down to the airport. sigh. they can't stay here forever. <3

Clark Lake with the littles.

life with musicians.

professional artwork hanger.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

25/52 2015

it is always so weird getting into the swing of the summer schedule! this morning will finish out our second week of camp already, and peak season truly starts this weekend for the lodging industry around here, I think. it's going to be a crazy but wonderful summer.

Thursday 18 June // day one hundred seventy-nine :: shoes. a stack of library books. things to do.

Friday 19 June // day one hundred eighty :: kitchen scenes.

Saturday 20 June // day one hundred eighty-one :: more kitchen scenes. I really loved this limited edition yogurt!

Sunday 21 June // day one hundred eighty-two :: I really loved reading Finding Audrey by Sopie Kinsella! morning scenes also included a French lesson.

Monday 22 June // day one hundred eighty-three :: greys and greens.

Tuesday 23 June // day one hundred eighty-four :: currently reading Girl Walks into a Bar . . .: Comedy Calamities, Dating Disasters, and a Midlife Miracle by Rachel Dratch

Wednesday 24 June // day one hundred eighty-five :: bedroom scenes.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

NatureBox :: June 2015

I feel super unprepared for this one because I received my box during a super busy week, and then I waited to open things and took pictures late and now I'm writing this even later after most of it is gone.

here goes nothing.

French Toast Granola :: I don't even like French toast, because I don't like maple syrup, but I had to try this anyway. this does have a nice spice to it, and I like that there are some pecans for a little inconsistency.

Let'€™s face it. There simply aren'€™t enough hours in the day to rustle up a morning feast. Instead, add this breakfast granola to your routine. It'€™s perfect with Greek yogurt or as a garnish to your bowl of cereal or plain oatmeal. With the warm sweetness of maple and pecans, you'€™ll feel like you'€™re enjoying breakfast in the countryside.

Fuji Apples :: I first had these in March 2014, and to be quite honest, I wasn't really impressed with them this time. I mean, I love dried fruit, but these were just too bland for me.

Embarking on that smarter eating journey isn’t always an easy one. At some point or another, you crave that sweet, satisfying snack and visions of desserts creep into your imagination. Keep those thoughts at bay with these apples. This fruity snack is guaranteed to satisfy every sweet tooth! Enjoy these plain or serve with your favorite nut butter.

Cinnamon Spiced Almonds :: I was really expecting to enjoy these, but they were not cinammon-y enough for me. (the keyword of this post seems to be bland, but that's what I thought of them.)

These almonds offer the scent and flavor of cinnamon paired with our California grown almonds for a touch of honey. The sweet taste with a slight edge is deliciously sweet and savory.

Coconut Cashews :: these cashews have the perfect amount of coconuts on them, because it's enough to be tasted, but not too much that it's overpowering.

You’re whisking dark chocolate into the softly simmering milk in the saucepan while thinking of curling up with your favorite book. Before you grab your coziest blanket and get into bookworm mode, scoop out these Coconut Cashews into a snack bowl to crunch on while sipping your famous homemade hot cocoa.

Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Stars :: I was most excited for these, but they were not my favorite at all. we use a lemon disinfectant at work, and the taste of these fruit chews reminded me of that...

Inspired by the classic summertime beverage, we’ve created a fruit chew that takes good old-fashioned lemonade to new heights. We infuse real lemon and strawberry juices into this mouthwatering treat to provide just the right balance of tart and sweet. So kick up your feet and sit back with these bite-sized stars that are bursting with flavor.

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