Wednesday, September 17, 2014

37/52 2014

I got out a couple times this week and took more than just one picture a day. I've been feeling like I'm stuck in a rut, so to speak, so that was really nice.

Here's some color from the past week.

Wednesday 10 September // day two hundred fifty-three :: tugboat on Lake Michigan in Kewaunee on a foggy afternoon.

Thursday 11 September // day two hundred fifty-four :: fall accessories.

Friday 12 September // day two hundred fifty-five :: scheduling.

Saturday 13 September // day two hundred fifty-six :: big clouds.

Sunday 14 September // day two hundred fifty-seven :: lunch, a smoothie with spinach, fruit, and yogurt and a pizza.

Monday 15 September // day two hundred fifty-eight :: why does Blogger always have to make things more saturated? anyway, I took this down by the water in the canal. the sky was so pretty this day!

Tuesday 16 September // day two hundred fifty-nine :: books for Wednesday. I love Oliver Jeffers' work. {The Incredible Book Eating Boy // The Day the Crayons Quit - also reading Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf}


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Doing Cartwheels

when I first started this blog, I used to write a lot about shopping, especially at Target. I have been wanting to shop so much lately, but everything I see, I just don't feel like buying. I went to Target with some gift cards yesterday and a plan to spend them. I still have $2.19 left. (;

here are a couple things I bought!

I had to get those mint gloves for this winter, since they are the perfect color! They're touchscreen compatible, like most gloves these days I think. The phone case is a boombox. I've been watching it for a while, and it was now on 70% off clearance. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it or give it to someone yet. The blue thing up in front is another cardigan. I used to have a navy cardigan, but I got rid of it. This one is the boyfriend cardigan, which I have in brown, black, and pink. The new one is thinner with different pockets.

One of the things that I had to buy was some new knee high socks. I wasn't too impressed with the selection that they had; there were only about a dozen different ones. These zebra and leopard ones have little ears though! They also had raccoons and they were sold out of the foxes. The other patterned ones were all really boring, like just athletic stripes.

I knew that I didn't need more notecards, but these were in the dollar section. I was skeptical at first because they're usually $3.99, but they rang up as a dollar. And these stickers! I bought them for my preschool class for the week of Halloween, but I kind of don't want to use them because they are so cute!

Do you have Target's app Cartwheel? I love scanning all of my items and seeing what kind of deals I can get. This was definitely a good day, because most of my items had coupons! The sweater was already on sale, but it was another 20% off, and the socks were 10% off. I bought a few other unpictured items, some on clearance, and some on sale plus a 5% off coupon. The best one though was that the dollar spot had a 30% off coupon that could be used on up to four items. Those notecards were only 70 cents! I can't be too mad at myself for that.

Until next time, Target. You know I'll be back.


ps - this post is NOT sponsored, I just really love Target and Cartwheel.
pps - I wish I could do a cartwheel.

and congratulations to Molly for winning last week's giveaway! (:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

36/52 2014

it's certainly been an interesting week. it's time to concentrate on the beauty and uplift others.

Wednesday 3 September // day two hundred forty-six :: sorting through my American Girl things to give to a lucky little girl.

Thursday 4 September // day two hundred forty-seven :: storm arrival. hard to tell, but it had just started raining really hard when I took this.

Friday 5 September // day two hundred forty-eight :: I love that the books I picked out for next Wednesday's class are all white with a simple cover.
{Henry's Map // Windblown // Mama Built a Little Nest}

Saturday 6 September // day two hundred forty-nine :: morning light.

Sunday 7 September // day two hundred fifty :: flowers at work.

Monday 8 September // day two hundred fifty-one :: working on responding to mail. {I just love this card!}

Tuesday 9 September // day two hundred fifty-two :: lovely scent of lemon


ps: did you see the giveaway yesterday?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

it's the little things + giveaway

first things first, I absolutely love this album. I was obsessed with it when I was like fifteen, and I had to put it on to write this post! I haven't listened to it in way too long, and this song totally goes with the post.

they say {especially according to this song} that the little things are what make life such a big deal.

29 little things that make me happy:

1. remembering the words to songs that I haven't listened to in a long time

2. guessing the correct settings for a picture and having it turn out

3. snail mail

4. being mentioned in a positive review for the hotel that I work for

5. freshly painted nails

6. when that one thing that I need to buy is on sale

7. starting a new book

8. baking cupcakes

9. when my NatureBox arrives!

10. matching my socks to the rest of my outfit {yes, I am that person.}

11. blue skies and white clouds

12. going out to see some of my friends perform {and no longer feeling awkward about sneaking into a bar, since I'm finally 21.}

13. when one of my preschool classes ends successfully

14. fresh flowers

15. getting everything finished at work and feeling accomplished

16. when someone comes up to me and wants a hug

17. decluttering

18. wearing a dress or a skirt and feeling pretty

19. getting into bed after a long day and remembering that you did the laundry in the morning, so they're fresh sheets

20. checking things off the to do list

21. finding the perfect thing at a thrift store when you weren't even looking for anything

22. seeing friends you haven't seen in months or years

23. breaking out the markers and coloring a picture {I love Vanessa's work}

24. pretty handwriting

25. just driving and seeing the beauty of the world

26. scrolling through instagram to see the other people's views

27. reading old journals to remember the seemingly important details of the past

28. learning something new

29. writing in my Happiness Project daily journal

so, my second blogiversary was on Friday, but I totally missed it because I thought that it was later in the month. I'm giving away a copy of the Happiness Project one sentence a day, five year journal. enter with the Rafflecopter below! (:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

35/52 2014

Labor Day weekend is of course busy in a tourist destination, especially when you work at a hotel, but I had some time to watch two movies this week! I finished up some prep work at the Y as well, and even had a day off! Here's a little look at the past week.

Wednesday 27 August // day two hundred thirty-nine :: weekly library trip. I finally watched Frozen. A Bad Case of the Stripes is one of my favorite children's books, and Fraidy Zoo is a new favorite! {Also pictured are Elements of Style [current read] and The Bear Who Shared.}

Thursday 28 August // day two hundred forty :: deciding what to wear the next day

Friday 29 August // day two hundred forty-one :: we didn't get a lot of rain until the end of the summer, and then when it did rain, it poured!

Saturday 30 August // day two hundred forty-two :: tomatoes!

Sunday 31 August // day two hundred forty-three :: I reorganized the top of my dresser earlier this week, and now you can actually see everything that's on it!

Monday 1 September // day two hundred forty-four :: I found a reindeer!!!!!

Tuesday 2 September // day two hundred forty-five :: Wisconsin has the best ice cream. this one is salted caramel and chocolate covered pretzels!

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